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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 1, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack.
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because even one attack is one too many. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news.
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>> now at 11:00, this man you see here is now dead after a first of its kind car accident. his tesla was on autopilot when it slammed into a tractor-trailer. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> an i'm larry beil in for dan ashley tonight. federal authorities are launching an investigation as the crash raises questions about the safety of those self-driving cars. >> cornell bernard is live in berkeley. cornell? >> reporter: the self-driving cars slowly becoming the new reality out here on the road. but one man's death raising new questions about the technology. this was joshua brown driving his tesla that he nicknamed tessie. he is the first known u.s. fatality while using self-driving technology. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted his condolences to the model s owner. he calls brown a friend to tesla. he was known for posting videos of his car driving on autopilot,
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like this one, where it narrowly avoided crashing into another car. in the fatal crash, a tractor-trailer turned in front of him and the autopilot failed to stop the car. tesla acknowledges the accident on its website saying neither autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against the brightly lit sky. so the brake was not applied. >> no technology is foolproof. >> reporter: this professor heads uc berkeley's mechanical engineering department where self-driving technology is being researched and tested. he said it still needs improving, and at this point it still can't be your chauffeur. >> people should view it not as a substitute for the driver. >> reporter: but many have been spotted leaving the driving to their tesla, like this guy who appears to be sleeping in traffic. the nonprofit group consumer watchdog has concerns about self-driving cars. it says we hope this is a wake-up call to federal regulators that we still don't
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know enough about the safety of self-driving cars to be rushing them to the road. in berkeley, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in palo alto, police say this man used a stun gun to rob a taxi driver. officers arrested amir sakias around three thank morning near el camino real and ventura avenue. he refused to pay his fare, and when the driver demanded he paid he pulled out a stun gun and shot it in the direction of the driver. the driver wasn't hurt. he locked himself in his cab and called police. the man was on patrol for criminal threats. new tonight, police in pacifica are warning people to be wear of a mountain lion that crept into a homeowner's backyard. the homeowner showed video of the scary encounter with abc 7 news. as melanie woodrow explains, something unexpected happened that scared the animal away. >> reporter: a mundane chore became memorable for a pacifica family wednesday night. >> my sister was washing dishes, and she yelled out there is a
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mountain lion. >> come here, quick, quick, quick! >> reporter: michael de la cruz took this cell phone video from inside. >> i was pretty shocked i got that video too. >> reporter: how glad were you to be on the other side of the glass? >> so glad. very happy. >> reporter: just as quickly as the mountain lion appeared, it disappeared. >> just hopped the fence next door. >> like it was nothing. >> reporter: right on over to the bernardis' backyard. they wouldn't have known, except for pacifica police knocked on their front door. >> when the officers came in i worned them that we have hawk, and that she is capable of letting a blood kurtling scream go. >> sure enough, as susan took the officers out back, almost on cue, hawk, the macau said goodbye. >> i just told the officers the cat's gone i'm sure by now. scared everybody. they were glad i had warned them. >> reporter: the mountain lion hasn't been seen since. in pacifica, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news.
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>> east palo alto police seeds over 600 pounds of high grade fireworks and explosives while serving a search warrant today. investigator says they found the stockpile on gardenia court. police say the fireworks shown here are worth over $120,000 on the street. they arrested 54-year-old michael burt fields for felony possession of fireworks and explosive devices. tonight there is more fallout from a police sex scandal involving several east bay law enforcement agencies. the contra costa sheriff's deputy resigned today as he faces a criminal investigation. the young woman at the center of the controversy tells the abc 7 news i team she had sex with deputy ricardo perez when she was underaged. celeste provided this text message that appears to back it up. deputy ricardo asked for a picture and she sent a nude selfie. celeste was 17 at the time. >> i just wonder those early police officers who you had sex with, do you blame them for not
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helping you instead of having sex with you? >> i mean, they did help me. i felt safer, safer with them. >> reporter: with them? >> they did help me. >> reporter: in terms of protection? >> uh-huh. >> celeste tells dan noyes she had sex with four officers when she was underaged. one of them, an oakland officer committed suicide last year after celeste told one of his superiors about the relationship. a second person shot near san jose state university this week has died. sky 7 hd was over the double shooting on tuesday afternoon. it occurred at 11th and san antonio streets right near the university's greek row. police found two men who had been shot inside a minivan. the first victim died at the hospital on the day of the shooting. police have not identified the men yet, and they're still looking for the attackers. quick work by firefighters in the east bay limited a grass fire to only one acre that fire began near the grizzly peek communication tower in the oakland hills around 4:30 today. fire officials say there were no
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injury. the cause is under investigation. uber experienced a large outage tonight. abc was in emeryville as users tried to get a car with no luck. however, it appears things are back to normal. a tweet from the company's support page tonight said, quote, all uber services should be fully resolved. if you experience any further. >> please reach out to us there. is no word on how many users were affected by the outage. trying to get to the east bay over the bay bridge has turned into a nightly nightmare. for months caltrans has been closing lanes around this time each night for maintenance, and the result has been gridlock. >> yeah, you've lived it. here is a live look at the san francisco skyway. right now you can see drivers trying to get on to the bay bridge to get out of san francisco. >> it's actually not the usual terrible. >> it could be worse. it definitely would be worse. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live at the first street on-ramp.
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katie? >> i have more good news for you. larry, i know you'll be specifically happy to hear this. at this location at first and harrison, the on-ramp is open. typically it's been closed. and that has been a huge part of the problem. as for the work on the bridge, it's actually been going on since april, but only recently we've seen this kind of gridlock. >> this was the worst traffic i've ever experienced in my life. >> matt shoup was trying to get home to danville. not only was he stuck on the harrison street approach, he had no idea why, i got out of my car and was looking around, trying to see what it was. >> because traffic was at a complete stand still, he decided to tweet. >> two hours later i finally got to the on-ramp which was five or six block. >> caltrans is replacing expansion doengs upper deck. >> we do have a window to get the work done during the night. >> tuesday night it was a
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perfect storm. the giants-a's game at at&t park got out late and the contractor closed the lanes later than he should have. >> tuesday night, and we are definitely determined that this will not happen again. >> there is always something happening in san francisco like after dark at the exploratorium. this patron is ready to drive back to davis. she learned the hard way wednesday. >> all of the intersections getting on were totally stopped and not moving at all. so i said screw it so i went across the golden gate. >> shoup is considering a hotel room. >> i'm not prepared psychologically to sit through that again. >> the work is expected to continue through september. there will be no lane closures on the fourth of july. in san francisco, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. >> i won't make it until september. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, an elderly woman attacked and robbed inside her bay area home. and tonight president obama is reaching out. and an ambien nightmare. the 911 phone call about a
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terrible disaster that never actually happened. and first am purchased beat's music. now there is word the silicon valley giant has its eye on another streaming service. i'm sandia pallet tehya pat. jimmy? >> thanks, alma and larry. here is a bit of what we did today. magic secret auditions tape one. ma'am? >> no, i'm
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> a follow-up now to a story abc 7 news first brought you last night. richmond police are still on the lookout for a man who attacked an elderly woman and stole her prized possession. >> tonight, though, the community is rallying around her in support. here is abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> the intruder may not have known his victim, but president obama does. he gave 94-year-old betty reid soskin a special coin to honor her as the nation's oldest park
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ranger. it was stolen along with jewelry and electronics during a home invasion robbery at soskin's richmond town house. it happened in the middle of the night on monday. >> hello? >> hi there. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm still shaken. >> she was physically assaulted. >> punched her several times in her face. she lost her balance and fell to the floor. >> the city's mayor has known soskin for 30 years. >> you know, betty is -- you know, they call her a national treasure. they're call her an icon. she is clearly the most famous person in richmond. so when something like this happen as to her, the whole community can't quit talking about it. >> soskin leads tours at the rosie the riveter world war ii historical park. friends say even though she suffered black eyes and a split lip, she'll soon be back at work and continuing to live her life. . >> so she hasn't left her home. and she plans to not. and she plans to still live
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alone and be able to reclaim that space for her as her own. >> white house officials say they'll send soskin another presidential coin. and police are asking the public to be on the lookout for someone trying to sell the original. in richmond, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. tonight, we now know the nationalities of the three men responsible for that deadly attack at an istanbul airport that killed 44 people. the turkish prime minister's office confirmed with abc news that the three men were from russia, kyrgyzstan and uzbekistan. they were smiling before the attack. the three men shared a home in an istanbul neighborhood for the past month. terry moran went there today. >> this is where the attackers were living, up on the second floor here. it's a working class neighborhood, religiously conservative. they kept a very low profile. >> neighbors were suspicious about what was going on behind a
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steel reinforced door. one says just two days before the attack, there was a strong chemical smell coming from the home similar to paint thinner. a strange 911 call is being blamed on the sleeping pill ambien. >> are you able to safely get out? >> no, i'm pinned in. >> a 75-year-old man in seattle thought he had been in a plane crash. while officials tracked down the call, they found out he never even left his home. he later claimed he had hallucinated the whole thing after taking ambien. he said he took the drug because he was having trouble sleeping after surgeriry. >> sleeping pills, any sleeping pill, whether you're take an over-the-counter sleep aid or prescription sleep aid, you're taking a sedative. >> ambien's developer says it is safe when taken as directed. apple may be looking to gobble up a competing music streaming service. "the wall street journal" reports apple is in talk to buy title. rapper jay-z's site offers music
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not available on the big service. the move would give apple music an edge over its biggest competitor, spotify. all right. we are heading into a holiday weekend. a lot of people got barbecues planned and all kinds of stuff. >> it's time to check on the weather. sandhya patel is here with the latest. >> the weather looks fantastic for bash cures any outdoor actives. here is a pretty good indication of what we're heading into for our holiday weekend from our east bay hills camera. just a stunning sunset tonight. fog really patchy this evening. and that remains the case tonight. sundown at 8:36. here is a live look at doppler 7 hd. half moon bay reporting four miles of visibility with some fog. we're going to take a look back since our rainy season has come to a close today. we look at an el nino year. obviously rainfall didn't get quite the rain we expected. oakland is at 80% of normal. total of just over 16.5 inches. you'll notice that san francisco
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90% of average. we received over 23 inches here in the city. and san jose exactly 100% of normal. so while we didn't see the kind of rain we expected, especially during the last strong el nino which was in '97-'98, at least we got some rain. the temperatures are really still in the 70s and 80s for our warmest inland valleys. cool along the coast, in the 50s. here is live look from my mt. tam cam. the fog is just patchy tonight. it will be dense for your morning commute. cool to warm in the afternoon. we're look at seasonal temperatures for your july 4th weekend. tomorrow morning when you get going, you might run into some pockets of low visibility because of the fog. so allow that extra time. upper 40s for some of the coastal and north bay valleys. inland areas in the low 60s. the rest you have will be in between in the 50s. here is what is going to happen. so the overnight hours, we see some of that fog filling back in. tomorrow morning we see the fog right along the coastline. and there could be some drizzly
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spots as the fog layer is real shallow. by 10:00 a.m. sunshine inland, fog near the coast. for the afternoon, the bay and inland communities will see the bright skies. it will remain foggy in spots for the coastal areas. specific temperatures for tomorrow, 63 in san francisco. 58 half moon bay. 78 in san rafael, getting you up into the low to mid-80s. is an rosa, napa also in san jose. 71 san mateo. 72 oakland. warm inland. 92 fairfield. livermore 90 degrees in concord. and if you're going to actually go and watch the fireworks, here is a look at the forecast. looking nice for most of you. 60s, 70s. but we are looking at fog for the coastline. if you're headed for the coast, here is the santa cruz cam showing you the boardwalk there. morning fog giving way to sun tomorrow. ocean temperatures currently 52 degrees. a little cooler for saturday and sunday. in the upper 60s with the typical pattern. here are the microclimates on our accuweather seven-day
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forecast. mid- to upper 90s for friday. slight dip saturday, sunday, bay and inland. and for your fourth of july we'll bring you down to the upper 80s for our inland spots. low 60s coast side. so looking nice for the holiday. temperatures will remain in the 80s goioing into next week. inland. larry and ama? >> nice. thank you. still ahead, ravine rescue. bay area firefighters step in to save a horse that was trapped
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a horse that firefighters rescued from a ravine in the east bay is improving. alameda county firefighters just shared these pictures of daniel, the clydesdale. two weeks ago he fell 20 feet down a ditch off cole canyon road in castro valley. it took firefighters six hours to pull him out. daniel's owner sent a letter to the fire chief telling him they saved that horse's life. >> a very human name. >> daniel. the giants, they had their big horse on the mound tonight. and at the plate. who needs a dh when you have
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> madison bumgarner has an aura about him. this is a guy who is so good at his job that giants manager bruce bochy decided to pass on the designated hitter in oakland and have mad-bum hit.
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something that has not happened in the majors in 40 years. naturally bumgarner ignites the decisive rally in the bay bridge rally. >> we like cute. >> there is the definition of cute. that young guy. bottom of the first bumgarner comes in with the fastball, and mark takes it out. 1-0 a's in a flash. so why is mad-bum hitting? this is why. leading off the third with a drive to center field, billy burns, he had it, and then he didn't. dropped it. ruled a double. bum goes 1 for 4 at the plate. nobody out. brandon belt, his job is to hit. it's 2-1 giants. rough start for a's rookie dylan overton. buster posey and brandon crawford goes back-to-back. lasted just three innings as the giants blew this open. they avoid the bay bridge series sweep. they win 12-6. >> they beat up on us the first three games for sure. but yeah, it was good to get the
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last one. and we just got to move on and get ready to play tomorrow. >> sixth inning. he is not my ennis. he is -- >> yoenis. >> 460 feet off of john lackey. that is yo's 19th of the year and the mets win 4-3. and i still miss him. third and final game of the college world series. coastal carolina and a arizona. bottom nine, arizona is down a run. runners in scoring position. but alex cunningham gets ryan hogg swinging. and that ends it, t chanticleers. we're going see astronomical $100 million deals for guys you have never heard of. the warriors are going to make their pitch to a guy you have heard of, kevin doesn't
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tomorrow. steph and klay they're going to pitch on joining a franchise that will compete for championships for the next two years. for those close to kd say durant is about 90% set on staying with the thunder. and part of his reason, okc can pay him more. the best bet is signing a deal that allows him to become a free agent next year and we do the whole thing all over again. canadian football. ottawa and montreal. third quarter, carter takes a big hit and holds on for the touchdown catch. the son of nfl hall of famer chris carter, goes over to the opposing sideline and knocks over ottawa's head coach rick campbell that is frowned upon. nearly started a brawl. carter was ejected and his team loses 28-13. what are you doing? abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right, thank you, larry. well, abc 7 news continue news online, on twitter and a news online, on twitter and a facebook and all your mob i would kill for something sweet.


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